Renting a Cottage

Ownership of a private vacation cottage seems like a wonderful idea on the surface. Knowing a private getaway is waiting sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, owning a cottage is not as pleasant as it sounds. There is maintenance that must be done all year. Neglecting to do it will result in high repair bills and the cottage might even collapse. It is often true that most vacation cottages stay empty for a good part of the year. This is due to the fact most people do not have the time to travel to a remote location many weekends.

Renting a cottage makes sense for a number of reasons. Sometimes a vacation is much better when it is shared with a group of friends. If a person owns a small cottage with only one or two bedrooms, not many friends will be accommodated in it. When traveling with a large group of friends, it makes much more sense to rent a cottage where everyone is able to stay. This provides privacy and keeps up the fun nature of the trip for everyone. It avoids complications with sleeping arrangements and provides ample public space for everyone to enjoy time together.

There are times when renting a small cottage is for the best. Taking a trip alone might be a perfect way to think about critical life decisions. Being alone provides no distractions and helps focus on important matters. Of course, being alone all the time is not always good for a person. Finding a friend or an independent escort to spend a few days might be a good idea. It will certainly break up the monotony of all that thinking. Sharing a rental cottage with someone for a few days will also provide an excellent counterpoint for previously needed solitude.

Finding a friend who can get away at the same time is not always easy. Often times, schedules do not mesh for friends. A friendly escort agency can help with this problem. They can provide a friendly person for a few hours or even a few days. This provides the cottage renter the best of both worlds. They have solitude when they want, and they have a companion when necessary.